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Knowledge is powerful and it is more than giving advice that which exactly applied in IT industry. Every year consultants in Australia receive more than 3 billion dollars for their services out of which much of the money goes to impractical data and poorly implemented recommendations. To reduce this kind of waste clients must understand of value of information and make a better use of data already available. Our It-consultants are extremely capable of exploring the underlying needs of your company and resolve the problem considering to adapt more readily to change, keeping you in peace and cheaper in long run.

Not all the world class software are expensive and most of the time they are free like google;however, you are needed to understand their policy, packages and soo on. For instance, Microsoft servers's licensing.

To run your business smoothly, certainly need solid reliable Computers, server or workstation, printers and other pherpherials.They are also required to setup and configure professionally.However, in the market due to the increasing advanced marketing platform, immaturer companies and technicians making illusion to many companies. If you do research it is clear that you can understand it very easily and you will save your days and months a head in time with us!! We guarenteed on services as have happy clients means we are clear and transparent on what we do on their IT Infrastructures.

Having Software and Hardware are not sufficent to run business smoothly, we should have reliable and secure networking too. Our technicians are highly experienced in different level of complexity so can provide you all services: Administrative, Server, Cloud Security, Data Conversion, Internet, Computer, Installation and Configuration and so on in one roof.

    Our new clients always ask these following questions.
  • Why Internet are slow?
  • Why internet connection randomly stops?
  • Why my previous technican could not resolve the problem?

Many business are tend to have insurance for their business' accidental damage. Nevertheless, they don't know where and how to cliam the damage on thier IT equipments . Don't worry at all- we have hundreds of success stories ranging from just diagnosing and writing report to handling all the process to end. Hence, if you are the one who needs such type of assistant, we are there for you.

How much this cost ?
Well, we charge you a minimum amount of cost as the pattern of jobs require diagnosing, detailing and collecting information and writing insurance report. However, practically it doesn't cost you anything because insurer will pay you all. Our case study, FOR EXAMPLE, Data recovery and replacement of the devices and software after damaging from lighining and other accidental damages.

Wizard Network provides tutoring to all ages of people to lead either their educational performance or their career or just for their usability. If you have recently bought new a computer and software and looking to get some tutoring, you are on right place.

IT Consultancy Services Sydney


wizardnetwork services all the IT Supports for both Home and Business . Without computer we cannot even think about our daily life. In Australia more than $ 3 billion are received by IT-Consultants. Unfortunately, much of this money pays for impractical and poorly implemented suggestions.To reduce this waste, clients need to understand of what and how consulting can give them the expected result. We have been doing consulting for 15+ years in Sydney, and our services are extremely reliable and great value. We have saved thousands of or even millions of dollars of our customer providing the valuable information and guidance for their IT needs.

We never compromise on providing the best services, I belive that I can get an opportunity to serve you soon


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Kris Gautam, Managing Director

WIZARDNETWORK has been built with all the passionated and fully accountable computer engineers. Our company offers all IT solutions from small to the large businesses. The main services includes Technical Supports, IT-Consultancy, Networking, Repairing, Design and building Computers and sales, which can be done either on site or on lab according to the customers’ requirements. Our services are available 24/7 no matter what. We are there for your whole IT solutions with guaranteed, reliable, sustainable, economical, and friendly environment. Hence, if you are feeling this is the right place from your gut, please remember us- we won’t let you down because we believe in what we do.

Our team comprises with differnt expertise.All our staff are not only highly experienced, but also have armed with computer science degrees!

Please just give us call, and will be be there anytime for helping you.

We belive having a up-to date information of equipment is of having a 50 percent of your problems'solutions. Hence, we never compromise of learning and having a A++ Grade equipments, which will provides a long-term ease.

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